Cosmoparticle Physics Research

A PhD project on a new idea with deep roots.
I am interested in the identification and classification of particle Dark Matter.
Achieving this will require all three individual routes widely used to experimentally probe Dark Matter.

Direct Detection

As part of the LZ (LUX-ZEPELIN) collaboration, I am interested in searches beyond the vanilla WIMP. As a full member, I am also contributing towards the collaboration's main activities.

Indirect Detection

The heaps of data pouring in from observations have extraordinary power in constraining particle dark matter properties. I am interested in large and small scale structure probes using Lyman-α spectra.


Missing transverse momentum searches can constrain light particle candidates and provide a probe to a dark mediator and its coupling. I am interested in working with the novel software CONTUR.


An artist with a talent for maths can take over the world.
I have mostly pursued art in personal projects but I let my research be source of inspiration.

Finding Cygnus

Through my work on directional detection I found myself inspired by the fact that I can calculate the direction in which the earth is moving towards at any point in time and space. I am currently developing a kinetic structure that implements this code and shows the observer the direction from which dark matter wind is coming from.

If a tree falls in the forest

Project lead by Dr. Andrew Pontzen and Michaela French in a collaboration between members of the Cosmoparticle Initiative and students from the RCA. This project hopes to provoke the public to respond to the unfinished ideas of cosmology and to recognise the creative struggles at the heart of modern science.

Outreach Highlights

EMF 2018

EMF is a fantastic festival for scientists, engineers, hackers, artists, geeks and crafters to celebrate their creativity and curiosity with a series of talks and demonstrations. Being able to speak to this crowd about Dark Matter was not only a pleasure but also a privilage.

Vera's Voyage

Having the aim of bringing natural elements into complex scientific concepts on the subject of Dark Matter, I present to you the story of Vera. Describing the encounter of a space traveller with Vera the Dark Matter whale, this story aims to emerse the audience into a world that we cannot see. A world of Dark Matter.

Useful Links

Dark Matter And Bright Minds

It is the story of how a paradigm shift in Cosmology began told through an interactive novel. I developed this app and produced audio and visual aids to bring the public closer to the world of Dark Matter.