The past and the Future

"From no-where we have come. To no-where we head."
N. Kazantzakis

Schools, Conferences & Outreach


Sanford Underground Research Facility: Five months Long-Term-Attachment internship at Lead SD. Helping with the final stages of the LZ detector assembly.


Sanford Underground Research Facility: Two months spent helping with the assembly of the LZ detector, in the heart of the Black Hills in South Dakota.

2018-11-15 Outr.

Vera's Voyage: Read a story I wrote to a group of young students. The story combines natural elemts with complex ideas derived from Dark Matter.

2018-10-12 Outr.

If a tree falls art excibition: Produced and excibited a piece of art inspired by concepts derived from Cosmology. Visited the space and interacted with the audience communicating the science behind the art.

2018-09-03 Sch.

HEP STFC Summer School: Mandatory school on QFT for all 1st year STFC funded HEP students. Received the runner-up prize for best poster presented on the subject of the Hubble Constant discrepancy & Dark Matter as a potential bridge.

2018-08-31 Outr.

EMF Camping Festival: A festival attended by hackers, artists, geeks, crafters, scientists, and engineers made for the perfect audience for one of my first big public outreach talks. Slides presented can be found here, and a recording of the talk can be found here.

2018-08-06 Misc.

Astrohack Week 2018: An amazing opportunity to be reminded of the fun in hacking software for a week.

2018-07-13 Conf.

DMUK July 2018: A celebration of the Dark Matter community.

2018-01-17 Conf.

DMUK Jan 2018: A celebration of the Dark Matter community.

2017-07-28 Conf.

DMUK Jul 2017: A celebration of the Dark Matter community. Presented slides on my work on Dark Matter Wind studies.

2017-06-14 Sch.

International School of Subnuclear Physics 2017: Presented slides on my work on Dark Matter Wind studies.

2016-09-12 Conf.

Invisibles Workshop 2018: Presented a poster about my work on the photocoverage of the Titus detector.

2016-07-25 Sch.

1st JENNIFER School on Particle Physics and Detectors: Won best poster award on my poster about fiducial volume optimisation within the LZ detector.

My story

I was born in the city of Limassol, Cyprus on September 1996. As the youngest of three sons, one could say that my upbringing was not expected to be extraordinary in any way. I soon discovered two passions that began shaping me into the person I am today; learning and creating. Pursuing these endeavours began as afternoon activities in Fine Art, and GCSE Maths and Physics. Artist Spyroulla Skordi, a mentor and close friend, took me under her wing as a student in sculpture. At her studio I found myself not only surrounded by lessons in art but also spiritually enriched through philosophy and literature underlining the human need to produce art. This spiritual and intellectual enrichment I treasure and I carry with me to this day. As the afternoon lessons progressed school seemed less and less interesting. A turning point in my education came with a decision to focus on the afternoon lessons, moving onto A-Levels at the age of 16 while dropping out of what had been my 2nd year of high school. A brave step out of line that took exaclty as much nerve as 16-year-old me had.

University application season came and went and I was lucky enough to be accepted at the University of Edinburgh's Theoretical Physics Mphys programme. Four years in Edinburgh brought me close to some of the most important people in my life but also introduced me to a great set of mentors. Dr Paolo Beltrame and Prof. Alex Murphy, pillar memebers of the Dark Matter group, accelerated my development as a physicist and researcher. Now having been accepted to the PhD programme at UCL I have found a new home filled equally with cosmologists and particle physicists.

University College London

A PhD in the heart of London.

Edinburgh University

An Integrated Master's degree.

IMS Cyprus

A home for learning.

Spyroulla Skordi

A home for the soul.